AdminToys Suite is a collection of administration utilities for remote management of Windows Servers and Workstations.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  Frequently Asked Questions
  Technical questions  
  Sales and ordering questions  
  AdminToys Suite registration & activation  


Technical questions

Connection Error "RPC Server is unavailable"

This error occured in two cases:

For additional information, please read:
Connecting to WMI on a Remote Computer
( )

Connection Error "Access is denied"

This error points to some type of authentication issue.

  • Invalid credentials supplied (bad Username and/or Password). In Active Directory® environment, specify your user name in the format Domain\User
  • Logon credentials specified do not have sufficient rights (i.e. Administrator)

If the remote machine was running Windows XP, make sure that Simple File Sharing is turned off.

Please refer to Microsoft Knowledge Base article for this issue:
How to configure file sharing in Windows XP
( )

If a connection you tried to establish was between different operating systems, read the following:

  • You cannot connect to a computer that is running Windows XP Home Edition.
  • A computer running Windows NT cannot connect to an operating system later than Windows 2000
  • Accessing a Windows Server 2003 computer from Windows 98 or Windows 95 is not supported
  • Windows 2000 computers must have Service Pack 2 installed to be able to connect to Windows XP and later operation systems.
  • To connect from Windows Server 2003 to computers running Windows 98, Windows Me, and Windows NT Server 4.0 Service Pack 3 (SP3) and later, the credentials must be specified. If you try to use the default current user by not supplying a user name and password, then the connection will not work.

Related article from Microsoft:
Connecting Between Different Operating Systems
( )


Sales and ordering questions

How is AdminToys Suite sold?

AdminToys Suite sold via electronic registration only. Immediately after ordering, you'll be able to activate AdminToys Suite using the product key you purchased.

How is AdminToys Suite licensed?

AdminToys Suite is licensed per user, not per computer. For example, if your company has 2 technicians who administer 500 computers, you have to order only two licenses of AdminToys Suite. Each licensed user can have the software installed on multiple computers (i.e. office computer, home computer, or portable computer). If anyone else will be using the software on these computers, then you must also acquire a license for each additional individual using the software.

You may install AdminToys Suite on a storage device or shared environment, such as a network server, however you must acquire a license for each individual using the software. The software may be used on different computers to the extent that the number of users does not exceed the specific number of licenses purchased. If the software is installed on a network/shared environment, you agree to provide technical or procedural methods to prevent the use of the software by a greater number of individuals than specifically licensed.

Are there any differences between the evaluation and activated versions?

There are no functional differences between the evaluation and activated (licensed) version of AdminToys Suite. Moreover, there is no annoying "nag-screens" in the evaluation version on startup, stimulating you to make a purchase. You can try out AdminToys Suite for free during 30-day trial period.

How to purchase and activate AdminToys Suite?

You can activate AdminToys Suite in two ways: using AdminToys Suite Activation Wizard (recommended) or by placing an order online using this web site. AdminToys Suite Activation Wizard will guide you through the product ordering and activation process.

Payment related questions and answers

All online payments are processed by RegNow, the software industry’s premier registration commerce provider. If you have any questions related to payment processing, credit card processing, sales tax and fees or other related questions, please click here for the answer.


AdminToys Suite registration & activation

Unable to activate through AdminToys Suite Activation Wizard

Place your order online here and then use Activation Wizard to apply your license information.

I lost AdminToys Suite license key

Use Order Lookup service.

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